The world has changed and so has writing, in times past conceived in the privacy of the heart and soul. Many writers, I presume, tossed their musings in the garbage. Others, like Emily Dickinson, kept them locked in a trunk or, like Franz Kafka, ordered them destroyed after their death—a directive fortunately ignored by his executor. Others still wrote lengthy letters to a few friends, and a few became publicly acclaimed witnesses of their time and place.

Today we all blast away at our computers, sharing our innermost thoughts and intimate details with the world at large. Let me join the fray, though I hope that I will omit the boring stuff that fills part of every day. “Branching: The Brave New World of Blogging,” so named in memory of a friend, is about various subjects that cross my daily path. It relies on the skills that I acquired in a lifetime of writing about science and medicine, nutrition, gay and lesbian issues, and art.

Just now I am publicizing my new book: America’s Medicis: The Rockefellers and Their Astonishing Cultural Legacy. The book is gathering a ton of reviews: praise from those who approve of the Rockefellers and stern words from those who remember the tactics Standard Oil used to attain its monopoly.

Like my books, I have many facets. I was born in Europe and still retain some of its old-world sensibilities. I love America and am pained by its travails. I am a wife, mother, a grandmother; above all I love writing and do it well enough to have used it to earn my livelihood. I am a born optimist. I love art, the outdoors, food and above all people. I hope that “Branching” will give you and me pleasure.

New York, December 15, 2010

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  1. judy loebl says:

    I like your posts, mom! Keep up the good work.

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