Golden Gate Park and My Son’s Birthday

David's bench

David’s bench in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. (Photo by Niles Dolbeare)

This week a San Francisco friend sent me a picture of a visit he paid to the bench my husband and I donated to Golden Gate Park in memory of our child. The inscription reads:

David Albert Loebl

2-19-56 to 5-24-93

Your love of life is with us always

The spot, near a small lake, is magic. A month before he died of AIDS, David and I picnicked near the future bench. I remember the gusto with which he bit into his pastrami sandwich and devoured the ketchup-drowned fries!

Even though I lost him, for me February 19th remains a joyous day of remembrance. See my blog, The Gay World As Navigated By a Straight Mom, for this year’s memories.

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